Holiday with dog

in a cozy environment

For many pet owners, a holiday with a dog is important in order to really relax and enjoy the time with their four-legged friend at the same time. South Tyrol is particularly suitable for spending relaxed days with your four-legged friend. As we also have a dog as a family member, our Sissi, and are therefore very dog-friendly, dogs are of course welcome guests at the Hotel Garni Savoy. A holiday with a dog at the Hotel Garni Savoy in Kastelruth/South Tyrol offers you the perfect opportunity to make the stay a real experience for both the owner and the four-legged friend.

Beautiful landscape offers variety

for you and your dog

Extensive green areas and meadows as well as shady forests, where no traffic is disturbing or dangerous, are ideal for long walks in Kastelruth and the surrounding area. Here your four-legged friend can let off steam to his heart's content and play catch or simply frolic in the greenery while you sit comfortably on a bench and enjoy the fantastic view of the South Tyrolean mountains. The fresh air and the many hours of sunshine are good for everyone and give both your dog and you new strength and joy. We would be happy to give you tips for the best walking routes.

Observe legal regulations

To ensure that your holiday with your dog in Kastelruth/South Tyrol is not spoiled by any inconveniences, you should be familiar with the legal regulations for dealing with your four-legged friend. Since 2009, there has been a general leash requirement for dogs in Italy, as well as an extended requirement to wear a muzzle. This way you can be on the safe side that nothing will happen and you can enjoy your stay in Kastelruth to the fullest.